Statement On The Killing Of the Three Civilians

Mrs. Juvy Malid Capion, 27 years old (3 months pregnant), wife of Daguil Capion, and two sons of Daguil and Juvy-Jordan “Pop”, 13 years old and John, 8 years old were killed by army soldiers led by 1Lt. Dante Jimenez Commanding Officer of Bravo Company on 18 October 2012 about 6:30am in Sitio Fayahlob, Brgy. Datal Aliong, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur.  Lt. Jimenez is under the command of Lt. Colonel Noel Alexis Bravo, Batallion Commander, 27IB.  A third child, Vicky, was wounded.  She was able to escape.  Ressa Piang, 11 years old, escaped unhurt, but traumatized.

Daguil Capion is strongly opposing the proposed Tampakan Copper and Gold project of Xstrata/SMI.  The military claimed that there was an encounter with the armed group of Daguil and the communities opposed to SMI/Xstrata.

Those who heard the firing  claimed there was no exchange of firing.

Blood scattered on the wall.  Bullet holes on split bamboo walls and ceiling of the nipa hut.

We strongly condemned the killings of innocent civilians, especially children, by the military.

We demand that the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), the Department of National Defense and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) conduct a thorough, factual, speedy and objective investigation of this incident.

Way forward.  Before the entrance of Western Mining Corporation (WMC) in 1995 there was relative peace in Tampakan..

When Sagittarius/Xstrata/Indophils, successor of WMC, came trouble started.  Besides this bloody incident there is now a brewing war between B’laans of Brgy. Bong Mal and B’laans of Atmorok.  SMI decided to relocate the B’laans of Brgy. Bong Mal to Atmorok.  These two communities have bad blood between them.

Majority of the B’laans want the military out of their ancestral land.  They also want Sagittarius Mines Incorporated to respect their ancestral land, human rights, customary laws and traditional rich cultures.  They want SMI to stop the project.

This being the Year of Faith we ask everyone to be converted to God and stop doing immoral actions.

+DINUALDO D. GUTIERREZ, D.D.  Bishop of Marbel 22 October 2012